Pet of the month for October 2020 goes to one of our rescue pups- Camel!

Camel is part of the Dogs behind Bars rescue group. He was brought down from Kalgoorlie with a number of other dogs who required immediate vet treatment. Poor camel was definitely worse off as compared to the others due to his long list of presenting problems. Our most concerning was his right front leg, which had clearly been previously fractured with unfortunely not vet treatment. Because if this his leg did not heal correctly and he was unable to bend it at the elbow, this meant he was carrying around an extremely painful unusable leg. He also had severe trauma to his left eye, terrible skin, lumps & was not castrated. We started with the main concerns and worked out a treatment plan. First, we treated his skin to get that under control, then he was booked in for his first major procedure- right front leg amputation. Camel woke up very well from his procedure and adapted so well to the amputation. After he had recovered from the amputation the next step was to remove his left eye and castrate him, again he was an absolute champ and recovered amazingly. Finally, once all healed up, he went under again for his third and final time to remove all his lumps/bumps- oddly enough one of these lumps ended up being a bone fragment in an extremely unusual place.

Camel today is a completely different dog, the scared little guy who was in a terrible condition is now running around and the happiest he has possibly ever been. To make this story even better- he is now officially adopted!! We would like to thank DBBR & his amazing foster mum Mary for giving him the best second chance at life.