This sweet girl is Scout. Scout had visited us 6 weeks prior to her main ordeal as she had been on and off leaking urine for the past couple months. An inhouse urine test was performed which showed her urine contained blood, protein and white blood cells. Her urine sample was then sent off to the lab for further diagnostic testing. A couple days later the results came back confirming that Scout had a UTI- a month long course of antibiotics were given and the leaking stopped. Unfortunately not long after Scout finished her antibiotics the leaking started, this time there was very obvious blood in the urine so her owner rushed her down to WAVES (emergency vet). WAVES performed an ultrasound where they were able to determine that poor Scout had bladder stones; rock like minerals that form in the urinary bladder.


Urinary stones are not only painful for our pets as they block the urine from being able to be passed, but they can also be life threatening as the toxic waste that is normally excreted in the urine can build up in the blood stream causing damage to the kidneys. There is also the potential that the bladder can rupture causing the urine to enter the abdominal cavity. Scout was brought straight down to us the next morning where Dr Raj performed a cystotomy- this procedure involves making a surgical incision to her bladder and physically scooping the stones out with a spoon. Dr Raj then placed a urinary catheter through the bladder to make sure that there were no more stones blocking her urethra. She spent the afternoon with us while she recovered from her anaesthetic and then went home very happy.


We would like to thank her mum for being so on the ball and making sure Scout had the best treatment possible.