Everyone meet Fitz! Fitz is a very sweet 2-year-old male who loves a good cuddle. He came to visit our clinic as he has been on and off limping for the past couple of days. Approximately 1 month ago Fitz came home and wouldn’t weight bare on his left hind leg after being outside for a couple hours. His owners had a feel of his leg and nothing seemed to bother him too much, so they kept him rested and after a few days he started walking on his leg fine.

During his exam with Dr Micah, Fitz showed no major sign of discomfort when he had his leg checked over. However, on exam it was clear to Micah that there was some deformation of the knee joint, x-rays were recommended and Fitz was admitted. X-rays were taken and we were shocked to see the damage that Fitz has had occur to his leg, you would not believe that this cat was walking around our consult room just hours before!!

Dr Micah called Fitz’s parents to let them know the damage and that the best treatment forward was to unfortunately amputate his leg, they consented and Dr Raj took Fitz straight through for surgery. His procedure went extremely well and he woke up very nicely from his anaesthetic- he went home that afternoon.

On follow up his parents said it’s as if Fitz was born with only 3 legs and he recovered from his surgery amazingly. We would like to thank his parents for doing everything that Fitz needed, he is very lucky to have you all.