Everyone meet Tula! Tula is a sweet old girl at the age of 16 years. She came to visit us after a trip to WAVES emergency because she was attacked by a couple of dogs. She survived the ordeal but came out with a number of serious injuries. She had obvious puncture wounds to the rear end of her body, as well as a significantly obvious injury to her left hindleg- she wasn’t weight bearing at all. After a long discussion with her owner about her injuries and possible outcomes due to her age, it was decided that she was still strong enough to go under a GA so we could take some x-rays to see exactly what was going on.

X-rays showed that Tula had a severe tibial fracture at her hock joint, causing her “ankle” to be completely mobile. The best option for Tula was to go ahead and amputate her left hindleg. Dr Raj performed the amputation on Tula, who kept strong and stable under the GA the whole time. Tula spent the rest of the day recovering from her procedure with us and was collected by her mum in the afternoon. Over the next 2 weeks she was kept confined and rested throughout the remaining of her recovery.

2 weeks from the procedure Tula came back in to see Raj for her final check-up- you wouldn’t even know that she has only just become a tripod!! The old girl bounced back amazingly. We would like to thank her mum for doing everything she could for Tula, she is one lucky girl.