Meet Thumbelina! Thumbelina has been one of our patients since 2012- she is an 11yr old Dachshund. Thumbelina came to see Dr Raj back in January last year as her mum was concerned about a lesion that had come up on her lip. Dr Raj recommended putting her under a GA and taking a biopsy of the lesion as he was concerned about how it looked. Unfortunately for Thumbelina and her mum the biopsy of the lesion came back as Canine cutaneous lymphoma- a very rare form of lymphoma. Canine cutaneous lymphoma can present in quite a variety of lesions. The lesions can be ulcers, nodules (lumps), plaques, reddish patches, or areas of scaling and hair loss.

Since Thumbelina’s diagnosis she has gone under GA approx. 6 times to remove different lesions that keep appearing. As part of her treatment plan, we referred her through to Oncology where she had laser therapy to try and slow down the progression. Every surgery Thumbelina has she recovers like a champion- she is one very brave girl.

We would like to thank her mum for being so amazing and doing whatever Thumbelina needs to keep her comfortable.