Meet Hazel! Hazel came to visit our clinic as she was still lethargic after starting medication due to her vomiting a couple days prior. Dr Raj checked her over & it was noted that she was very sore when he palpated her abdomen. Bloods & an abdominal ultrasound were recommended to determine what the cause of her pain was. Hazel’s bloods came back normal, however her abdominal ultrasound showed a foreign body sitting in her intestines.

Dr Raj took her straight into surgery, where it was determined that Hazel had eaten a long piece of string. Hazel is a very lucky girl as the string was tied around her tongue, which then followed all the way down to her intestines- it could have been a very different story if Dr Raj was not able to get it all out.  

Hazel woke up very well from her surgery & recovered at home with her family. We would like to thank her family for doing the best for their girl.