This cute guy is Oreo! Oreo has a history of seizures & bladder stones. He is currently seeing a neurologist for his seizures to help manage them, however, poor Oreo still has the occasional seizure- even after being on 3 medications! To make things even more difficult for Oreo, he suffers from ammonion urate crystals (AKA. Bladder stones), these are a common issue found in Dalmations. Even with both of these issues, he is such a happy dog! Unfortunately for Oreo, he had to be taken to MPEC to receive after hours treatment due to becoming blocked from these bladder stones. Some of them had become lodged in his urethra & they had to use a urinary catheter to push them back into his bladder.

Bladder stones are not only painful for our pets as they block the urine from being able to be passed, but they can also be life threatening as the toxic waste that is normally excreted in the urine can build up in the blood stream causing damage to the kidneys. There is also the potential that the bladder can rupture causing the urine to enter the abdominal cavity. Oreo was brought straight down to us the next morning where Dr Raj performed a cystotomy- this procedure involves making a surgical incision to her bladder and physically scooping the stones out with a spoon. Dr Raj then placed a urinary catheter through the bladder to make sure that there were no more stones blocking his urethra. He spent the afternoon with us while he recovered from his anaesthetic & then went home a much happier boy.

We would like to thank his pawrents for being so on the ball and making sure he had the best treatment possible, he is a very lucky boy! Oreo’s family were also one of the first clients to be able to take advantage of our new GapONLY service, meaning their out of pocket expense on the day, was only approx. 20% of their bill.