Meet Jhin! Jhin came to see Dr Raj as she had been slowely losing weight over the past couple of months, her owners then became even more concerened when she stopped eating & started vomiting up bile. On examination it was noted that she was quite sore when her abdomen was palpated, her liver also felt enlarged. It was also noticed that Jhin had a yellow tinge to her skin, eyes & gums. Dr Raj recommended taking some bloods & booking in for an abdominal ultrasound. Both were performed on the day & it was confirmed that her symptoms matched the diagnosis of liver disease.

Due to the severity of her liver disease, it was recommended that she was put onto IV fluids for the next 4-5 days to see what response we would get. We had to syringe feed her to start with, but after being on fluids & medications for 24hrs, we started to notice an improvement. She was eating small amounts of food on her own & the vomiting had stopped. Over the next 4 days she continued to improve, so on the 5th day Dr Raj was happy to send her home on continue medications & rest.

Her owners have been coming in to give us updates & she will be due for another blood test soon to see how her liver has improved. Jhin is a very lucky girl, if her owners hadn’t brought her in when they did, it would have been a very different outcome.