This lovely boy is Cruzer! Cruzer came to visit us because his head had become very swollen. A week prior he had been sting by a bee, the swelling reduced, but not long after his head began to swell again. This time the swelling had moved to down the side of his face also. To bring down the swelling Cruzer was sent home on a course of anti-inflammatories & antibiotics.  Unfortunately Cruzer ended up coming back two days later as the swelling had gotten worse, on this visit Dr Raj was able to remove approx 40ml of pus discharge from his head. It was decided that the best option was to put Cruzer under a GA and clean/drain the pus from his head. By this stage the swelling had become more severe, that his eyes were almost swollen shut.

The following day Cruzer came in for his procedure & almost 500ml of pus was able to be drained from his head. The area was flushed out with copious amounts of saline & then suture shut with a drain in place. The drain allows any continued build of up pus to escape, preventing it from swelling again. Due to the severity of the infection that had occurred, the top of his head had the potential to sloth off. His owners did an amazing job at keeping the area clean & with all his medications on board, his head is healing amazingly.

Cruzer will be coming in shortly for his final check over. We can’t thank his parents enough for doing everything Cruzer needed to get better- he is very lucky to have you all!