Pet of the month for February 2022 goes to the gorgeous Ammo

Ammo was booked in to see Dr Raj as he wasn’t feeling himself and his owners were worried something was wrong. After Ammo was checked over it was decided that he would have a blood test and an ultrasound on his abdomen. The ultrasound found that he in fact had a large splenic mass that was at least 15cm in diameter it was decided that it was best to do a CT scan on Ammo to make sure the mass wasn’t connected to any other organs. The CT did show that there was a mass on the spleen, but was able to be surgically removed

Signs associated with splenic masses can be subtle and include weakness or may be more obvious e.g. collapse and sudden death if the mass ruptures and bleeds internally. Mucous membranes, such as the gums, may be pale and heart and respiratory rates can be increased. Other signs can include


  • abdominal distension
  • weight loss
  • inappetence
  • fainting or weakness


Surgery was then booked for Ammo to have his spleen removed by Dr Raj. Everything ran very smoothly during his operation and he made a quick and full recovery.  Ammo spleen and mass weighed 2.5kg


We would like to thank his family for being so great and doing everything that Ammo needed, he is so lucky to have them!