Meet Lucy! Lucy came to visit our clinic as she had been vomiting overnight & didn’t want to eat her breakfast. For a Labrador, this is very telling. Unfortunately, Lucy is known to eat socks, most of which she manages to pass. Dr Raj checked her over & it was noted that she was very sore when he palpated her abdomen. Bloods & an abdominal ultrasound were recommended to determine what the cause of her pain was. Lucy’s bloods came back normal, however her abdominal ultrasound showed a foreign body sitting in her intestines.

Dr Raj took her straight into surgery, where it was determined that Lucy had in fact eaten another sock! She is so lucky that this is the only time she has managed to get one stuck. Her surgery went very well & she spent the afternoon recovering well.

She is now back home with her family & is feeling much better! We would like to thank her family for doing the best for their girl.