Meet Sophie. This beautiful girl came to see Dr Raj because she had a small wound on her side. She was treated with broad spectrum antibiotics & was booked back in for a revisit the next week. Unfortunately, during the week, Sophies developed more severe open wounds & they started to pop up all over her body. These became very pussy & very uncomfortable for her. She was scheduled in for surgery so Dr Raj could surgically remove & clean all of the infected skin. Samples of these wounds were sent to the lab to determine what the cause of them were. Due to the severity of these infections & how quickly they progressed, we had our concerns. Thankfully they did not come back as any sort of cancerous cell, but the cultures that were completed showed that the infection was in fact “Golden Staph”. This means that we are very limited to what we can use to treat the infection as it is extremely resistant to most antibiotics. Thankfully, after some further cultures were completed, we were able to find a treatment that would help her. She is now coming to the end of her treatment & she is looking amazing. She was an absolute trooper through everything, even though she would have been in a large amount of pain.

We are so thankful to her dedicated owner for taking good care of her!