Pet of the month for February 2019 goes to Zac! Zac was brought down to us last month as he was very lethargic, not wanting to eat and occasionally vomiting. Instantly Dr Roan was worried with these symptoms as Zac had previously been in with the same symptoms just over a year ago and the outcome resulted in him having major surgery to remove a sock from his intestines. Due to knowing he was a big eater of things he shouldn’t we went straight ahead with an ultrasound. As suspected unfortunately the ultrasound confirmed Dr Roans suspicions and a foreign body was located.

Zac was taken straight through into surgery with Dr Raj to remove the item located. With this procedure Dr Raj had to be very careful as he already has major scar tissue from the previous surgery. To make things even worse when we got to the foreign body it was tightly stuck in the jejunum which meant instead of making a small incision over the intestines to remove it, Dr Raj had to remove a whole 10cm section of his intestines instead. Once removed we were able to find out that Zac had in fact ingested a tomato sauce squeeze packet! We were worried about his recovery due to how invasive the procedure was so he stayed in fluids in hospital overnight, Dr Raj was happy with his recovery and by the next afternoon Zac was eating food and wagging his tail.

His family took him home for the remaining of his recovery and he did an amazing job. He is now back to his normal bouncy self and monitored very closely by his family. We would like to thank them all for being so awesome throughout the whole ordeal.



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