Puppy Classes


Puppy Pre-school is a great building block in raising a happy puppy. Our class will go through all the important routine health care, help you with basic training and behaviour and teaches your puppy how to socialise with other puppies from the very big to the very small and often solialise with children, we will also have information on preventative treatments. The course will run for five weeks course and we will assist you with any problems or question you may have. The class is $125.00 for a five week course.

At what age can my puppy start?

Your puppy can start puppy school at 8 weeks of age

What do they need before they can start?

All they need is their first puppy vaccination
If you would like to book in for puppy class call us on 6595 3335, we ask for a deposit for the class as there’s normally a waiting list and we don’t want anyone to miss out.

If you have booked into puppy school, what do you need to bring?

1. Proof of 1st vaccination
2. Collar and lead for your dog

What to do before puppy class?

1. Please don’t feed your puppy 3 hours before class (to help minimize the amount of poo’s and wee’s)
2. For week one please arrive 10-15 mins early for payments and paperwork