We provide the following pet care services:

    • Consultation
      Our highly qualified team can assist you with general veterinary services.

    • Surgery
      Our clinic is equipped to perform most types of surgeries with modern technology.

    • Radiography
      Our modern equipment ensures we are able to quickly diagnose injuries particularly in emergency situations.

    • Dentistry
      A dental check up may highlight the need for cleaning, polishing or tooth extraction.

    • Export Health Checks
      We provide a full range of services for your pet's travel to all overseas countries.

    • Laboratory
      Laboratory testing includes blood tests, ears, eye and blood smears, urinalysis, parasite checks, biopsies and many more.

    • Weight Loss
      We offer weight loss consultations for anyone concerned about their pet's weight (under or over).

    • Specialist Referral
      If we can't solve your pet's problem, we know who is best equipped to do so.

    • Home Visit
      We aim to give you and your pet the time and care that you deserve, you will always be seen by a dedicated veterinary surgeon.

    • Puppy Classes
      Puppy preschool classes, for puppies between 2 and 4 months of age can be undertaken at Atwell-Aubin Grove Vet.

    • Hydrobath
      At Atwell-Aubin Grove Vet, we provide a state-of-the-art dog hydrobath service for your pets.

    • Grooming
      Our Veterinary Clinic offers dog grooming and cat grooming services and caters to dogs and cats.


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